The Economy Guest House Sofia Prices for Rooms and Services

Rooms From:

  • * Single Room : 13.00Euro/15.00Euro
  • * Double Room: 20.00Euro/25.00Euro
  • * Triple Room: 30.00Euro/35.00Euro
  • * Studio: 30.00Euro/35.00Euro
  • * Apartment: 35.00Euro/40.00Euro
  • * higher prices shows high season rates march-septemer. All prices are moderate, and The Economy Guest House hold the right to change them according prolong of your stay and number of persons/aka. group discounts/
  • * With all type of accommodation you will get free unlimited internet /Wi-Fi/ access and air conditioner.

Additional Services:

  • * Laundry: 2.50Euro per full machine/5kg/
  • * Pick Up service from Sofia central Bus/Train Station
    2.50Euro daytime/after 08:00h
    3.50Euro nightime/after 22:00h
  • * Pick Up service from Sofia Airport
    10.00Euro daytime
    15.00Euro nightime
* The Economy Guest House Sofia prices, are subject to chanage without any obligation on the part of the owners.